Starting agility training

My youngest dog, Swift, is now ready to start agility training.  She is now 10.5 months old, and her training over those months has consisted of general obedience – waits, recall, sit, stand.  We’ve done some loose lead walking, and have only been marginally successful with this – the excitement of the walk sometimes gets the better of her 🙂

Once we had mastered that we progressed to awareness of her front and rear legs, so she is now able to stand front legs on a small step, and back legs on a small step.  This will later transfer to a touch command on agility contacts when she’s old enough.  We are starting to transfer this skill to the end of an agility contact and after a couple of instances of wanting to keep going, she seemed to get it eventually.


We then progressed onto running straight lines through a line of jumps (poles on the ground as she’s a bit young and is still growing and developing.

I didn’t manage to get many videos of her progressing her jumping, but thought I’d share our latest attempt.

As you can see, our homework is learning to get tight turns and so we have lots of wing wraps to practice.

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